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Endourologist from Iran - Ali Okhanien since Monday will visit our clinic for reception of kidneys suffering by diseases and urine deducing ways




Reception of patients in clinic Ibni Sino Iranian Endourologist will begin Ali Okhanien since June, 23rd. The persons, suffering diseases: an inflammation of genitals (female and man's), a prostatitis, urethritis, a cystitis, various kinds of a pyelonephritis, not obsession or not controllability of urine,


The percutaneoustransluminalmitral commissurotomywas accomplished in the clinic “IbniSina”

07/02/2013 a 53 year woman with rheumatism, complicated by mitralnarrowing came to the Clinic. Afterthe inspection andappropriate examinationon angiographystenosis ofthe mitral valve andtricuspid valveinsufficiencyfunctionalgradientin pulmonary artery pressure60mm Hg was revealed.That wasan indication formitralcommissurotomy.


Angiography Department of the Clinic“IbniSina” leads in the region.

28-01-2013.А 76 year old patient with complaints typical for ischemic heart disease and cerebrovascular insufficiency went to the Clinic . This patient previously had been treated in one of the medical centers of the Republic, where  angiographic study of coronary, carotid and renal arteries were carried out


Iranian endourologist Mehrobi Soson isreceiving patients!

01/30/2013 For two days  a famous Iranian endourologistMehrobiSosonhas been accepting patients at the Clinic “IbniSina”. During these two days, more than 40 patients came to  the specialist’ for examination and treatment.  7 patients have been hospitalized and operated on successfully .


Five complex neurosurgical operations at the “IbniSina”Clinic.

   23-1-2013 With the participation of the  leading Iranian expert Dr. BakhtiyorAbbos in “IbniSina” Clinic  five following composite neurosurgery operations have been carried out: the operation to intervertebral hernia, resection of the cervical spinal cord, the insertion of the plate CD to a patient diagnosed with spondylolysis (instability of the lumbar spine), removal of herniated cervical spine and spinal canal narrowing of the cervical spine, hernia removal overlay KOJE ( artificial intervertebral plate).

 The patient operated on to remove a tumor of the cervical spine,





Kholikov Abdumuorod