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Doctor Musavibahor began reception of patients in Clinic of Ibn Sino

We listen to all to those who suffers from an urolithic illness! Your savior, brilliant Iranian Endourologist world level Sayid Habibulloh Musavibahor began the next reception of patients in Clinic of Ibn SinoDoctor Musavibahor has 13 flight of experience in carrying out urological operations


How to get rid of laziness and to be loaded with energy?

Do you feel squeezed out how a lemon during the day? Do you tired of work, sit-round gathering with friends, you have not forces to leave somewhere in the evening? If you answered positively to these questions, you should be loaded properly.

In this article we will tell you that involves a lack of energy, we will give some advice how to fill itself for full-fledged and happy life.


New opportunities to make you beautiful and unique

Plastic surgery department of Clinic Ibn Sino presents to you new types of service. Now, owing to the latest equipment you had a fine chance to improve the appearance and to eliminate details not arranging you, (undesirable birthmarks, the nose structure, undesirable hair on different sites of a body) which tormented you throughout all your life.


Our heart needs care

Unfortunately, recently in our country of a heart trouble and vessels began to be high on the list on incidence frequency. Now the huge number of aged people of 30-40 years and senior suffers from such diseases. It is explained by features of a rhythm of life, and also mass character of the stressful situations arising daily. At this age of people is in the developed heavy chaos in which is exposed to many stressful situations: household life, providing family, pit, age,


Experts of a world class in Ibni Sino's Clinic

Dear friends and visitors of our site! Certainly you know that adjustment of contacts and arrival of foreign experts to our clinic was given us not so simply. For this purpose negotiations as a result of which today we have such fine opportunity





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