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Doctor Musavibahor began reception of patients in Clinic of Ibn Sino

We listen to all to those who suffers from an urolithic illness! Your savior, brilliant Iranian Endourologist world level Sayid Habibulloh Musavibahor began the next reception of patients in Clinic of Ibn SinoDoctor Musavibahor has 13 flight of experience in carrying out urological operations

and he is at the highest professional level performs the operations PCNL, TUL and a sistolitotripsiya. Also he eliminates congenital anomalies of urinary ways and kidneys and he is the leading expert in this area. Everything who wishes to use this fine and available opportunity and want to get on reception to the brilliant expert we suggest to register in advance in Clinic Ibn Sino. We wish health to all of you. 




Chairman of the Board of Directors
Kholikov Abdukhalil