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International Clinic Ibn Sina


  • The next reception of the Iranian endourology of Musavibakhor in the Clinic Ibn Sino

    Thursday, November 6 professional Iranian endourology Sayed Habibullah Musavibakhor will begin accepting patients in Clinic Ibn Sino. The people suffering from kidney stones and other types of urological diseases, will be able to pre-enroll in Clinic Ibn Sino. Take the opportunity which provides Clinic Ibn Sino and extracted arrival of such highly skilled doctors of the world level which is endourology Musavibakhor.

  • The Iranian ophthalmologist of Ahmadali Firdavsi will visit the Clinic of Ibn Sino

    On Thursday, October 30 a Doctor Akhmadaly Firdavsi will visit the Clinic of Ibn Sino, who is the skilled expert in the field of ophthalmology and he has broad experience in conservative and physiotherapeutic treatment of the following diseases:

    - Phacoemulsification (cataract removal with the subsequent implantation of an artificial lens).

    - Squint operation of eye muscles (strabismus).

  • The neurosurgeon Abbos Bakhtiyori will visit our Clinic of Ibni Sino

    The next visit of the Iranian neurosurgeon Abbos Bakhtiyori on Sunday, October 12 will give the opportunity to perform such complex operations as backbone hernia, a laminectomy, a foraminotomy, a discectomy; spondylolisthesis (eliminating the curvature of the spine using a CD), spondylolis (eliminating the fragility of the spine using CD) and other types of neurosurgical surgery.


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  Welcome to the Stomatology Department of the Clinic “IbniSina”.
For  2 years, our dentistry helps people to forget  a toothache or a fear of the dentist. The professionalism and care of our physicians  have been appreciated by more than 2 thousand patients.
Most people suffer from a childhood fear of doctors, especially dentists. Dental chairs

and hospital walls evoke horror at the thought of a visit to the dentist. Comfortable and friendly atmosphere of our clinic makes you forget your fears.  Skilled  and polite doctors will help painlessly and easy to say goodbye to all dental problems.
Our dentistry is not for nothing has positioned itself as a high-tech hospital among  other clinics in Dushanbe we develop  best practices. We  apply modern methods of stopping teeth, using a wide range of modern endodontic equipment, treatment of periodontal disease, prosthetic using the latest prosthetic materials and technologies. We also offer teeth whitening, correction of bite (orthodontics) and more in the field of dentistry.
We only work with high-quality and modern dental materials of foreign manufacturers. Our experts use advanced techniques that improve the quality of work, and thus reduce the time the patient is in the chair at the dentist.

 We cooperate with the best dental laboratories in Dushanbe and guarantee the quality and longevity of the work performed.
Our clinic is equipped with modern equipment. Our team  is a well-organized team, led by a dentist NarimonDahte.
In the treatment of the patient  not only a physician, but experts in various fields are involved. The particular specialization of each doctor makehim t a high-end doctor in his area. Our doctors annually attend dental congresses, conferences and workshop. They  improve their skills abroad, cooperate with foreign counterparts in Iran and Germany.


Chairman of the Board of Directors
Kholikov Abdukhalil